“When competition is growing as fast and as the increasing choice for goods and services, the importance of delivering an excellent customer experience is higher than ever”



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Featured projects

Impellity has cooperated with Danske Hoteller in order to analyse two main standpoints. Firstly, their booking system through the webpage in terms of customer satisfaction and experience. Secondly, competitor analysis and data collection: investigation of competitor websites and comparison to Danske Hoteller’s offerings, in order to provide the most up-to-date service in the market.

Danske hoteller

Our journey with Pricegain was complex and extending. We monitored competitors in the beauty market and test their flexibility regarding to services. Pricegain wanted to differentiate and the best way was to monitor other companies operating in the market.


Dr. Freitäger is a car company who hired Impellity for mystery shopping purposes in Denmark. Impellity’s role is to recruit shoppers and send them to negotiate car deals on a private market. Negotiation happens in two phases: firstly in person and then via phone calls. Dr. Freitäger offers also price monitoring and competitor evaluation services.

DR. freitÄger